Save the French club culture!

After the shutdown of all of its party venues on March 17th 2020, leading to the precarious situation of tens of thousands artists and employees of the sector, the French nightlife has been facing one of the biggest challenge in its history.

While organizers are forced to cancel festivals and music events that are at the core of summer season, giving more room to a booming livestreaming, France has been developing the United We Stream and opening the largest virtual club in the world, accessible to all.

An inclusive party in need of support

In partnership with Arte Concert, United We Stream France will be hosting around thirty livestreams in numerous French clubs. Through its programing, United We Stream guarantees the broadcast of well-known and emerging artists while striving to respect both notions of parity and inclusiveness

Thanks to a system of donation and the monetization of flows from the livestream, the project will enable to raise funds in order to contribute to the financial survival of the music and performing arts sector.

For the French electronic music scene and its stakeholders (clubs, artists, collectives…) to survive this complicated period, we need the support of the public.

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